Make your pitch a performance.

Growth-focused startup? Need an AWESOME pitch?

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"We SUCK at telling our story!"

Ever said that to yourself? You have this great product or service, but you can't communicate it in a simple, cohesive way that makes you sound different and better than everyone else. It's like being the kid on the block with the sweet new Huffy bicycle, but you don't know how to ride it!

It doesn't have to be this way...

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Meet Rajiv.

Hi, I'm Rajiv 'RajNATION' Nathan. I'm the founder of RajNATION Innovation. I remove the suck out of storytelling through my deep knowledge, experience, and proven success in storytelling, pitching, and sales messaging.

But here's where it gets interesting. Every other business that does this has never stepped outside office walls. They know how to speak 'marketing' but they don't know how to speak 'people'.

I break the walls down.

See, I'm not just a business guy. I'm also a hip-hop artist. I look at business through the lens of performance. Your messaging is like constructing a song. Built on this hybrid foundation, RajNATION Innovation brings that songwriting and stage experience to the table so that you...

Make Your Pitch A Performance.


Make customers and investors feel like they just heard their favorite song. 

Sound like a good plan?

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I work with startups that need to...

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You only get one shot to impress investors and customers.

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don't have a succinct way of communicating your brand?

messaging get diluted because you have a 2 or 3-sided marketplace?

hate when people ask, "what does your company do?"


You Need the RajNATION Innovation Brand Communication Playbook.

I only accept 2 new startups per month. You are a good fit if you:

Are actively fundraising in the next 3-4 months | Have a product in market, potentially revenue-generating | Are a startup, but aren't scraping by financially